How To Become Clutter Free

How To Become Clutter Free

“Being patient, forgiving, and methodical set me free.”

How I did it: I visualized what I wanted my ideal space to be like.  I started sharing my goal with others.  I gave away or sold things that I found distracting.   

Lessons & tips: Take the risk to give / sell the things that take your attention away from what your goals are.   

Resources: Charitable causes will take any belongings you may not want or need.  It’s satisfying to think that someone else may get use out of what one doesn’t need.

It took me 3 years.

It made me Focus.

A Day Without Driving August 15th 2009

A Day Without Driving August 15th 2009
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A-Day-Without-Driving is a grassroots movement dedicated to educating the world about how we can decrease our carbon footprint…one mile at a time.

Together, we can reduce our dependency on domestic and foreign oil, remind ourselves of simpler times, create community, and most importantly – decrease our carbon footprint.

For those in San Francisco, come join A DAY WITHOUT DRIVING for a picnic in Dolores Park August 15th!

At A Day Without Driving, you can calculate your carbon impact, pledge not to drive for one day (or pledge an offset if you must drive), learn green driving techniques, support the development of green technologies, and help decrease our global carbon footprint.

SPUD Local & Organic Delivery is Fantastic

I was first told about SPUD (Small Potatoes Urban Delivery) and their Fresh Harvest Box from a co-worker who has a forty minute commute and picks her son at daycare on the way back home.

Local and organic delivery

Local and organic delivery

Her life is hectic and she mentioned that one of her saving graces was not having to go to the store to shop. She said she was sampling new foods by eating what was in season and expanding her cooking repertoire…all because of the little purple bin that was delivered to her door each week.

After listening to my co-worker’s high praise, I decided to check SPUD out and upon signing up I received a discount on my first five orders. The Harvest Box is a local, organic delight that’s delivered to my home every Thursday. The ease of use at which I fill my orders is astounding, and I can pause my delivery any time I go out of town for business or vacation.

In the past, I have found it challenging to create and prepare meals that are both satisfying and fast. Formerly, I ate mostly frozen entrees at home and actually ended up eating out a lot (delicious and expensive in San Francisco). I never considered myself a great cook (I found out later it was because I was cooking hungry), and as an athlete I enjoy eating healthily.

SPUD has helped me grow as a chef because fresh food demands to be used within the week before my next delivery. I have begun to plan meals around my deliveries and have found the recipes on the SPUD site quite helpful.

My method for cooking begins as I walk in the door like a ravenous beast and will usually start with fresh fruit or some raw veggies to stem the tide.
I relish the fact that I can pronounce all the ingredients on the products that I buy, I then choose a recipe and begin preparing my meal.

I’m also really impressed how much SPUD supports the local community, and makes it easy for it’s customers to participate in the company initiatives. I had been planning to do spring cleaning with my housemates, and we were going to donate our clothes, but it was a bit of a hassle because none of us had time to get the car and carve up our day.

SPUD simplified the process by picking up clothes in the bins that I hadn’t yet returned and then donated them to a great local cause. Presently spud is collecting school supplies and clothing for children to be donated to the Willie Mays Boys and Girls Cub.

Recently I’ve sampled local delicacies including grass-fed ground beef from Drakes Bay Family Farms (who are committed to sustainable agricultural and land management practices). In addition I also enjoyedKicks Cookies which were absolutely delightful…crisp, scrumptious, and produced in San Jose.

To sum up, this is why I like SPUD:
I have one less errand to run
It’s easy to modify an order
The produce is fresh
The products are local
I support my community

I highly recommend giving Spud a shot…it makes your weeks easier, you eat healthier, and you’ll enjoy opening your me.

The Experience Economy

There are three main basics in economies of the past, let’s say 70 years ago (these are estimates scrawled on the back of an envelope paraphrased from The Experience Economy).

1. Commodity (3%)
2. Goods (17%)
3. Services (80%)

Now there is a fourth.

4. Experience

Here’s how it plays out with Starbucks (again estimated on the back of an envelope).

1. Commodity – bean (pennies)
2. Goods – coffee ($.05 – $.20)
3. Services – paying employees ($.50 – $1.00)
4. Experience – sitting and reading, listening to music, comfy chair ($2.00 – $5.00)

Something to ponder the next time you sit down to the Venti double non-fat-soy-latte. Also are people buying art because they want to talk to the artist? This is what Damien Hirst is banking on.

Check out the book Experience Economy, or wikipedia

National Geographic Recycling Game is Green and Hyphy

I found this today, and was really impressed with National Geographic’s commitment to changing youth attitudes about the importance of recycling.

In my experience, having fun with recycling and sustainability issues, is key to making the message stick that if we all make small lifestyle changes, a great good will come from it.
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I am working on a new song that will act at a theme for my new website where Bay Area slang, world politics, and hyphy beats are combined for a positive message about recycling and sustainability and some critique of current lifestyles and consumer trends. Here are a couple of lines…

Living green is thug, that’s why I choose it,
They throw it out, I rinse and re-use it.

Play this in the club, let me see your hands
While I’m struttin’ in my Vans
I won’t leave a carbon footprint da da da da da
da da da da da

I’m thrilled to keep affecting change by having fun, being excited about new green tech and clean tech, *getting hyphy*, and giving examples of easy things to do such as switching to compact fluorescent bulbs, doing anything to reduce carbon emissions like skating, biking, walking taking MUNI through The City. In my job I work with a lot of youth, and I have to say it’s been really exciting watching the kids make positive choices and tell their friends about how they can do the same. 😀

Opening Night Party, The Fantastic Solution to Global Warming – Pete Ippel

This is a quick once-around of “The Fantastic Solution to Global Warming and Other Conundrums” at Icthus Gallery in San Francisco. Thanks to Mark for the video.
The Fantastic Solution to Global Warming and Other Conundrums – Pete Ippel from Hypermodern – Pete Ippel on Vimeo.

The show is open until May 31st, 2008 so if you’re in the city, come by between 10am and 5pm weekdays. Or you can email me at pete @ and schedule a special showing

Climate Change and Global Warming: The Evolving Legal Framework

Cornell Entrepreneur Network of Northern California in partnership Cornell Silicon Valley and The Cornell Law School presents: “Climate Change and Global Warming: The Evolving Legal Framework” featuring Kevin Haroff ‘77, MBA ‘81, JD ‘81, Partner, Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal LLP.

Climate change is now an acknowledged scientific fact, caused primarily by greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with human activity over time. California is playing a lead role in attacking the problem with its Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (Assembly Bill 32) – the first legislation in the country to set a cap on GHG emissions statewide. The Attorney General’s office also has filed several lawsuits raising climate change issues in both federal and state courts, most recently joining a multi-state effort to force regulation of GHG emissions from cars and trucks under the federal Clean Air Act.

Tuesday April 29th, 2008
6:00 PM Reception
7:00 PM Presentation
Cost: $20 per person (includes Hors d’oeuvre Reception). This event is expected to sell-out and requires pre-registration.
Location:Townsend and Townsend and Crew LLP, 390 Lytton Ave, Palo Alto.