Worth and Debt = Birth and Death

I mis-heard the right and heard the left when talking with a close mentor about finance. When you suffer from aphasia this is your life, or maybe it’s a natural metaphor. Perception and context matter.

Mystery of the Photo-Cars Solved. It’s Google’s Street View

So a few times over the last couple of weeks, I’ve seen cars driving down the streets of San Francisco with 8 digital SLR cameras attached to the roofs, for the longest time I couldn’t figure out why they would be just taking photos of the street.

It reminded me of how they made the Matrix bullet time with multiple cameras facing in on the subject. You can find a very thorough explanation of the Bullet Time technique on YouTube

Well, I’m positing that with the cameras facing out, it’s the work of Google, digitizing the “Street Views” of The City for their Google Maps application.

It’s incredible, I just needed to look up my friend’s zip code and typed in his address, and then I was given the option to check out the street view. This is especially useful if you’re on foot and don’t have GPS, you can actually *visualize* the place you’re headed to.

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It Feels Great to Check Things Off of The List

I had a list of things I’d like to get from before I moved to San Francisco (2002), I just found the 3″x5″ card, and here’s what was on it…

1. Technics 1200’s and mixer amp and speakers (found the speakers on the street, amp was gift, and I bought a Numark tt1650)
2. Midi Controller / synth (Oxygen2 controller)
3. Midi interface / sound card (imic works great)
4. Ink Jet Printer capable of large paper (Tektronix can print 11×17 wax prints)
5. Max Ram 3x512mb (1.25gb ram in desktop)
6. Titanium apple computer 677 mhz 40gbhd (12″ Aluminum  Powerbook May 2004)
7. Subaru WRX or 2.5 RS coupe (Zipcar member since 2004)
8. Snowboard (got snowskate in 2003)
9. Digital Camera (Rebel XT Summer 2006)
10. Action Sampler + panoramic camera (gift from Fiid and Susan 2005)

I have succeeded in every one of these categories except I have no need for a car anymore because of my bike and car sharing…