How To Become Clutter Free

How To Become Clutter Free

“Being patient, forgiving, and methodical set me free.”

How I did it: I visualized what I wanted my ideal space to be like.  I started sharing my goal with others.  I gave away or sold things that I found distracting.   

Lessons & tips: Take the risk to give / sell the things that take your attention away from what your goals are.   

Resources: Charitable causes will take any belongings you may not want or need.  It’s satisfying to think that someone else may get use out of what one doesn’t need.

It took me 3 years.

It made me Focus.

I got a space pen today,…

[kml_flashembed movie=”../../flash/space_pen.swf” height=”930″ width=”500″ /]

I got a Space Pen today, it is amazing. I highly recommend the bullet model shown above. It’s small enough to fit in a pocket, and it’s great to use for reading and annotating books while inverted in space…Or if you are laying on the couch.listen

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