Responding To SOPA and PIPA: Intellectual Property, Public Domain, and Open Clip Art Library

What I find particularly interesting about the current debate on Intellectual Property is the fact that IP even exists. If everyone gives their work away for the betterment of humanity, many people benefit. I have watched Open Clip Art Library (OCAL) grow for quite some time and it has a vibrant community based solely on […]

Climate Change and Global Warming: The Evolving Legal Framework

Cornell Entrepreneur Network of Northern California in partnership Cornell Silicon Valley and The Cornell Law School presents: “Climate Change and Global Warming: The Evolving Legal Framework” featuring Kevin Haroff ‘77, MBA ‘81, JD ‘81, Partner, Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal LLP. Climate change is now an acknowledged scientific fact, caused primarily by greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions […]

Notes from Matmos Lecture 2002

Mary Douglas book —> Dirt *It’s all about the venue/gallery/rave/etc. if you’re comfortable. Chris Watson—->Caberet Voltaire from the 70’s Touch label Protools, cubase *logic* Max (chaotic chemistry) Pierre Henry “death” 1963 Variations for a door and a sign Music Concrete Music out of Anerexia 1 or 2 sources “We liked raves before they became full […]