I’ve Completed the Fantastic Solution to Global Warming

Pete Ippel utilizes a box of lightening, a gigantic biological-organic turbine, wind, tide, hydroelectric, nuclear, volcanic, solar, and geothermic power to sequester carbon dioxide and produce diamonds, thus solving the dilemma with the green house gas, carbon dioxide, vacant coal mines, and the problems with blood diamonds in Africa.

Materials: gouache, ink, pencil, watercolor
Dimensions: 40 x 60 inches (101 x 152 cm)

12 Green Days Of Christmas

As seen in Barneys New York catalog…

On the 12th day of Christmas, my pro-green true-love gave to me

12 Tons of tofu
11 Solar panels
10 New-age gurus
9 Organic carob bars
8 Tickets to Burning Man
7 Sustainable ostrich Farms
6 Compost toilets
5 Rolls of recycled gift-wrap
4 Fair-trade futons
3 Free range, sustainably farmed, organic hens
2 Vegan chefs
and a Prius in a pear tree