Consciousness Altering Sunset

Many of us are familiar with the double rainbow video and some find it humorous that someone is so moved by nature that they are driven to laughter, hooting, and eventually to tears of joy. I empathize.

Regarding the sunset last night, it reminded me to take life as it comes and to be open to the beauty and coincidence of nature. Being at the right place at the right time matters, and even though it can be a tough lesson to learn, no matter how hard one WANTS a perfect sunset every night with its romance and beauty, you may just have to wait: appreciating the fleeting moments when they arrive and depart…

To be free from expectation of an identical performance, leaves one open to the joy of surprise.

Memory Sift Photogram Project

Memory Sift Installation View by Pete Ippel

The intent of this project is to explore the fragility of memories and how they relate to the natural world inasmuch as they can be collected and treasured. Because of childhood experiences of taking “nature hikes” with my mother and father , I was encouraged to pick up anything I found interesting to take it home and explore it further. Feather and leaves are fragile in that they fall off of the living objects, i.e. a tree or bird, and are pieces of that individual animal or plant that each have an individual beauty.

Similarly the images I have created of Hannah and my Father have been collected, my Dad’s images from the attic, and Hannah’s were more of an active collecting and recording of a moment / event with my eye through a camera. Now printed on fragile canary paper, and brown paper they mimic the color and fragility of fallen leaves but same the same preciousness…arranged in stacks on a small card table, lit with an electric lamp given to me from my father that mimicked the old kerosene one we used to take camping.

November 2000