The Best Sunset I’ve Ever Seen: Video With Lightning

I thought I’d seen some good sunsets…BAH, this one lastnight was the best I’d ever seen. Fog over the mountains, clear over the peaks, nearly black over the Pacific with lightning and thunder. Over the Ventura Rivermouth, there were the most intense pinks, oranges and reds…and on top of all of that, flocks of birds […]

Consciousness Altering Sunset

Many of us are familiar with the double rainbow video and some find it humorous that someone is so moved by nature that they are driven to laughter, hooting, and eventually to tears of joy. I empathize. Regarding the sunset last night, it reminded me to take life as it comes and to be open […]

Foggy And Colorful: Ventura At Dusk

Foggy And Colorful: Ventura At Dusk, originally uploaded by hypermodern. The last few sunsets have been absolutely stunning. I am so happy to have a balcony to watch this fabulous display by mother nature. Pete Ippel – Artist / Athlete – – Taken at 8:13 PM on August 03, 2010 – uploaded by ShoZu