I’m Taking The Question Marks In My Life And Bending Them Into Exclamation Points. I Am The Human Interrobang. Pete Ippel #ALLRISK

"I'm taking the question marks in my life and bending them into exclamation points. I am the human interrobang." Pete Ippel #ALLRISK ‽ Learn more about Martin K. Speckter, innovator of punctuation. Thank you to @rejon for Fabricatorz @pianoBrad for wonderful avatar creation video tutorial unleashing the power of Inkscape to create and share. Download […]

Letter of Interest for Tournesol Award

So the Headlands Center For The Arts has a new online application program called “SlideRoom” it’s super easy to use, and it works great. I really hope more organizations start to use it. I imagine it would really work well in the art school application process…it makes a slide list receipt/confirmation of upload that you […]

100 Things to Enjoy, 2001

100 Things to Enjoy side view 100 Things to Enjoy top view 100 THings to Enjoy page veiw 100 Things to Enjoy Book Cover 1. Watching a 3am football game at Cornell in the snow and seeing people act like kids again. 2. Hugging Jennifer, putting my nose in her hair and smelling strawberries. 3. […]