Reading at the Public Library Is Rad

Checked out some contemporary art Moca Schlammer and Performance 1949-1979 then called people on the phone. Talked to Mr. Deneault, DB Tried Natalie W got to talk with Carlan and also Francisco and Katie & Sarah Pierson and left a message for Les.

I met a guy who skates down the hall Kevin, he gave be an old desk but it’s ugly and white, I may get rid of it. Anywho, I talked to him a bit and baked bread. Tomorrow I’m watching the Simpsons with Becky and her BF and some other dude. Tomorrow I’m gonna hit the ol farmers market. Today I almost at a worm. NASTY.

Struggling to Get Comfortable

Pretty early night, but they have been busy days. No class today because there was no lecturer this weekend. I went to the color photo orientation session and took care of email in the morning. The problem is, I have to still do the Black and White tutorial and I can’t do that till the next Friday. I got my other books today and was disgusted at what they cost.

I met up with the first person I met here (the nurse from Ireland) and we chatted for a while about my plan of action and what I was/am planning to do. I also read today and took notes as well as wrote tizz a letter on a typewriter (in the SFAI Library). Something that I don’t think I’ve ever done.

I also went to the gallery and talked with Eirik the photo major, second year. We have talked before and I may help him paint the darkroom later this weekend. There was one piece that really struck me at the gallery Donna Rocke Pache (?) in Neon basket weaving. Also the gloves / american flag piece, very striking.

I talked with Magnolia today as well and got invited to the student union Thursdays noon to one, and on the 10th of September there will be a “town meeting” sot of thing. She recommended that I talk with Larry Thomas, he’s acting as the interim president and academic affairs vice president. I’m going to calm down this weekend, organize my thoughts and get an appointment midweek, and If I don’t get I know I am someone who will mobilize students. I did computer training and skated and met Colin, an undergrad film maker from seattle who skates. Talked to Tizz and called Betsy if she wanted to dance, but no answer. Was asked If I wanted to go to third street to get a drink but I don’t have a good way of getting there. Rides=bad idea.

I Don’t Think I Have A Best Friend

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…but some of my friends are: Casey Matteson, Jeff Geiger, Ryan Bennett, David Taylor, my Dad + Mom + myself. Casey would do anything for me, almost. Jeff I can talk to. Ryan and David make me laugh and are just good friends. My family give me lots of support. I am my best friend? Well I don’t know. I get along alright, I don’t really have any friends that are girls, but I’d like a few.

09 09 1993 Pete Ippel Preblog

09 09 1993 Pete Ippel Preblog