Updates and Mergers on Hypermodern.net

I’ve been on a rampage of late updating files, merging documents and getting the framework of this site more “searchable” for search engines. In addition, I have a fresh install of WordPress, and have uploaded new posts from two smaller blogs from early 2002-2004 mostly concerning skateboarding and the transition to living in San Francisco. Formerly this was know as the “Market Street All-Stars” blog. Now it exists as a page on hypermodern.net. Posts from this blog with also be marked in the category skateboarding.

Likes and Dislikes About Skateboarding


  • Sound of texture
  • Eating shit (falling skateboarding) Story/Scars
  • Sense of wonder
  • Meeting people
  • Identifying friends
  • United community, like runners
  • You know who isn’t a skater by their “air”
  • Finding new spots to skate
  • Doing things you’ve never done before
  • Putting the deck together with custom grip tape
  • Unit of time as one skateboard (for me 3-8 months)
  • Sound of skateboards while you build one


  • Stigma attached
  • Harassment by police/security guards
  • Eating shit (falling skateboarding) and getting hurt
  • Commodification of athletes
  • Injuries
  • Time commitments

Skate Video, Phone and a Freelance Job

So I made my first wide angle skate video today, talked with TZ for hours, had a student community meeting, got to go to an opening, read Rolling Stone and Thrasher, and yet I’m still up. I have a huge week coming, calls are finally coming in from the networking I’ve been doing so that’s positive. I may have a freelance photo gig soon. Hope so.

Rent is tough in San Francisco

Scared about getting rent in this month, good news is though that I may be able to get a loan for work study money. Also I’m trying to get a design job working with Focus International. I hope that works out. I’ve been spending so much time job hunting, I’m sure it will pay off soon. It’s been over a month that I’ve been looking. I am finally getting in a cycle. I feel more comfortable every week here in SF.

I went skating today and actually got a two truck grind and landed it. Thank goodness for the little ledge on McArthur St.

Gah, Another Tough Friday Lecture

Well, another Friday lecture down the tubes, I wonder if it’s a prerequisite to be an awful speaker if you’re being a visiting lecture. Tonight she was yawning to her own slides, AND THEY’RE HER SLIDES! It’s a damn good thing I’m becoming an artist, because I want to create change when I come back to SFAI, people will have fun, and the lecture is going to be SHORT, because I don’t want to waste grad student’s time.

In other news open studios is tomorrow, and I’m stoked.

In other, other news, I want to high jump so bad I can taste it, and I finally have a goal, I want to compete in the State Games of America in CT this summer. I’ve got a long way to go, as I’m a bit soft right now.

Gotta tone down the skating too, my left hip is getting funky from skating 6 miles a day to and from the studios…skate to stay young.

I Just Had a Great Little Session

…with Kevin on the new Montgomery ledge, but before that we went out to Lori’s and I had Chili Cheese Fries and a Coke. I am getting soft in the middle. I talked with Tizz today I’m so very excited that she’s coming to visit me here in San Fran. I read a lot today of the Borden Book, re-set up my accounts at hypermodern.net and looked for more jobs. I got about 5 leads and tomorrow I’m headed out to Ripon and I’ll get footage and things, then work all Monday & Tuesday.

Reading at the Public Library Is Rad

Checked out some contemporary art Moca Schlammer and Performance 1949-1979 then called people on the phone. Talked to Mr. Deneault, DB Tried Natalie W got to talk with Carlan and also Francisco and Katie & Sarah Pierson and left a message for Les.

I met a guy who skates down the hall Kevin, he gave be an old desk but it’s ugly and white, I may get rid of it. Anywho, I talked to him a bit and baked bread. Tomorrow I’m watching the Simpsons with Becky and her BF and some other dude. Tomorrow I’m gonna hit the ol farmers market. Today I almost at a worm. NASTY.