Hypermodern Audio: Ten Year Anniversary Of Something Fantastic

Enjoy the hot cut from the floor of the Blue Room, 2002
Cynical and DJZN Live – Fantastic Cutting and scratching with no slide mixer on my side…Yea I’m the platinum blonde…it’s a down-tempo jam with a ton of layers and a lot of back cueing with a knob, turntables run through analog guitar pedals…enjoy. For more sonic delights check out the audio section of Hypermodern.net

DJZN AKA (Pete Ippel) and Cynical (Ryan Schmidt) Mixing in the Blue Room, Cornell University Tjaden Hall, 2002

DJZN AKA (Pete Ippel) and Cynical (Ryan Schmidt) Mixing in the Blue Room, 2002

Captured In The Moment of Creative Synchronicity: Successful Portfolio Crate Built With Repurposed Materials

Last night at the suggestion of my father I made a call to a mutual friend who is a professional video maker, set maker, and expert woodworker. The two men have worked together on countless sets/costumes for Momenta, the resident company of The Academy Of Movement and Music.

Shipping Portfolio Crate Made of Repurposed Materials

Shipping Portfolio Crate Made of Repurposed Materials

We succeeded in making an art crate out of the following

1.) 12′ x 6″ x 1″ poplar plank bought at the store
2.) 3′ x 6″ x 1″ off cut in a garage that was scrap
3.) 1 sheet of reused Styrofoam insulation from an old set
4.) Lots of wood screws
5.) Pneumatic nail gun and tacks
6.) 1/4″ Wood paneling repurposed from my dad’s flooded basement that flapped on the rack like a basketball being dribbled on the roof while we drove
7.) 1/4″ Carved Luan sheet that was a key block for one of the prints I was shipping inside the crate
8.) Gorilla Glue

I watched the two of these men collaborate and zip out a awesome crate in about an hour – closed packed and ready to ship, complete with nylon webbing handles.

I just kept the garage clean, swept up, and watched the magic. True teamwork, not much talking, a few jokes, and a bunch of sawdust.

Afterwards we sat down and watched the season in review in the basement…a fantastic evening of creaive synchronicity.

Moving Backwards and Forwards In Time: Perceptions Of A Son

Today I spent the afternoon in the dance school where I grew up with creative movement. My father still leads his class, as he did back when I was a boy. This is the second time in the last twelve months I have had the opportunity to watch and participate in the creative process with the person who is the greatest male artistic influence in my life.

He learns while teaching, being an expert, and a child…all at the same time.

My Art Is The Opposite Of The Broken Antique lamp That Your Grandma Gave You

I want to bring you the ultimate satisfaction so that when you see my art in your home you are filled with energy. The way I explained it to a friend the other day is that my art is the opposite of the broken antique lamp that your grandma gave you…

Every time you walk past that thing you never know if you should throw it out or get it fixed, but you don’t know where to get it fixed, and it’s never high enough on the priority list, so it just sits there – unused – collecting dust and occupying a space in your home and your mind.

Art is freedom, when you walk past or think about a piece you are nourished by its energy surplus. You know who put in the effort and the piece resonates with your core. It’s something to share with your family, your friends, and you have a close personal relationship with the artist. I have a vast portfolio of completed art pieces that I am sharing for your enjoyment. In addition, I am dedicated to collaborating with you to produce the ultimate custom creation.

Everyone deserves to have excess energy in their home, and I’m happy to cooperate with you to attain it. Come by the studio, and see the art in person, and if not check it out on line. As my dear friend and artist Jacquelyn Strycker said on her blog post about the recent record setting Picasso sale “if you have a hundred million or so to spend on art, or even if you have significantly less, consider making a culturally significant, yet economically and societally responsible purchase” by supporting local and emerging artists.

MacGyver Helps White People Understand the Concept Of Rasquache With Positive Connotation

MacGyvero (adj.) MacGyverismo (noun) is a portmanteau coined by Pete Ippel and Peter Roberge that aids English speakers in the United States to understand the Chicano concept of Rasquache, that is both functional in American-English and sounds like Spanish.

The intent of MacGyverismo is to create positive associations among Mexican-Americans (Chicanos), original problem solving, new methods, and creative thinking.

Ask an American-English native speaker to think of someone who did the most with the least in tough situations: MacGuyver, the pop culture reference of resourcefulness, comes up consistently…often with a half-smile of nostalgia.

The starting of a car with a cactus, a nickel, and a string may be a bit of hyperbole, and MacGyver has his fair share of parody…yet the general connotation is positive.

Why is that? Because the main actor is white? Because MacGyver isn’t poor or in a marginalized culture?

There is contradiction because when performed by a non-white American, innovative repairs are castigated by pejorative words such as ghetto, hack, and jury-rigged which often have a negative connotation.

MacGyverismo is functional in explaining a complex notion to someone who only has the capacity to describe objects with the aforementioned terms. MacGyverismo imbues an odd sense of respect to an oft-dismissed practice of solving problems with available materials…a key trait of artists in any culture.

Inspired by the exhibition at the DeYoung Museum in San Francisco, California entitled Chicano Visions