Captured In The Moment of Creative Synchronicity: Successful Portfolio Crate Built With Repurposed Materials

Last night at the suggestion of my father I made a call to a mutual friend who is a professional video maker, set maker, and expert woodworker. The two men have worked together on countless sets/costumes for Momenta, the resident company of The Academy Of Movement and Music.

Shipping Portfolio Crate Made of Repurposed Materials

Shipping Portfolio Crate Made of Repurposed Materials

We succeeded in making an art crate out of the following

1.) 12′ x 6″ x 1″ poplar plank bought at the store
2.) 3′ x 6″ x 1″ off cut in a garage that was scrap
3.) 1 sheet of reused Styrofoam insulation from an old set
4.) Lots of wood screws
5.) Pneumatic nail gun and tacks
6.) 1/4″ Wood paneling repurposed from my dad’s flooded basement that flapped on the rack like a basketball being dribbled on the roof while we drove
7.) 1/4″ Carved Luan sheet that was a key block for one of the prints I was shipping inside the crate
8.) Gorilla Glue

I watched the two of these men collaborate and zip out a awesome crate in about an hour – closed packed and ready to ship, complete with nylon webbing handles.

I just kept the garage clean, swept up, and watched the magic. True teamwork, not much talking, a few jokes, and a bunch of sawdust.

Afterwards we sat down and watched the season in review in the basement…a fantastic evening of creaive synchronicity.


  • If you want specific dimension and how to pack your own portfolio, contact me, and I’ll send you the plans.

  • That is one serious portfolio 🙂

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