My Art Is The Opposite Of The Broken Antique lamp That Your Grandma Gave You

I want to bring you the ultimate satisfaction so that when you see my art in your home you are filled with energy. The way I explained it to a friend the other day is that my art is the opposite of the broken antique lamp that your grandma gave you…

Every time you walk past that thing you never know if you should throw it out or get it fixed, but you don’t know where to get it fixed, and it’s never high enough on the priority list, so it just sits there – unused – collecting dust and occupying a space in your home and your mind.

Art is freedom, when you walk past or think about a piece you are nourished by its energy surplus. You know who put in the effort and the piece resonates with your core. It’s something to share with your family, your friends, and you have a close personal relationship with the artist. I have a vast portfolio of completed art pieces that I am sharing for your enjoyment. In addition, I am dedicated to collaborating with you to produce the ultimate custom creation.

Everyone deserves to have excess energy in their home, and I’m happy to cooperate with you to attain it. Come by the studio, and see the art in person, and if not check it out on line. As my dear friend and artist Jacquelyn Strycker said on her blog post about the recent record setting Picasso sale “if you have a hundred million or so to spend on art, or even if you have significantly less, consider making a culturally significant, yet economically and societally responsible purchase” by supporting local and emerging artists.


  • My favorite part: ” Everyone deserves to have excess energy in their home, and Iā€™m happy to cooperate with you to attain it”. I’m all about excess energy in my home in the form of art. I’m impressed by your stamina, motivation, positivity, thoughtful, and inspiring work. Please keep it up and hoping I can make a purchase very soon so I can have some of your art in my home. šŸ™‚

  • Love the piece – I posted this on your FB page, but thought this was a better place for it. Italiana Perfecta sold – same folks came back and loved the art; all of it. esp. Checkered Past.

  • I am so happy to hear that is in a new home. Wonderful!

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