Letter of Interest for Tournesol Award

So the Headlands Center For The Arts has a new online application program called “SlideRoom” it’s super easy to use, and it works great. I really hope more organizations start to use it. I imagine it would really work well in the art school application process…it makes a slide list receipt/confirmation of upload that you can print out as well. How handy.

The one thing that I wish was that it was more intuitive to shuffle the order around. Once uploaded, the images were not easy to move, so they stayed in the same sequence as they were uploaded.

I just finished up the application for the Tournesol Award ($10,000.00 and a studio in the Marin Headlands *my favorite place to bike*) below you will find the submitted letter of interest.

Dear Tournesol Award committee:

The Headlands has been an integral aspect of my life in the Bay Area. I am an avid cyclist, and last Saturday I was riding my mountain bike on the Miwok trail north of the stables, when I encountered a rough-skinned newt sauntering across my path. I took pause to study his movements and the intricate texture of his skin. It’s experiences like these that ONLY the Headlands can offer and inspire the way I think about the world.

I have an expanded view of works on paper, and as such I have executed projects that integrate digital drawing techniques, various mounting methods, collage, and found objects. My work is simultaneously influenced by technology, while intuitively responding to the embodied experience of life.

Each work has a self-contained reality and often a forthright sense of place. Through the choice of bright colors, condensation of space, and manipulation of visual cues, I create experiences that imply phenomena and images that exude their thing-ness. That is, the unique properties of the subjects depicted are emphasized. What my artwork lacks in verisimilitude, it gains in joyful complexity and honest wonder. I have been gradually getting larger with my practice. Presently I am working on an ambitious four by eight-foot piece of paper, and I want to move even larger, yet I have run out of wall space in my bedroom.

The beauty of our earth inspires me, and I strive to acknowledge the wonders of the natural world by expounding on intuition while maintaining a clear focus on my life as an artist.

As an athlete I understand the rigors of repeated practice, and it is undeniable that creativity and discipline go hand in hand. A residency at the Headlands Center for the Arts will have a profoundly positive effect on my artistic endeavors because I will have a studio that will be a consistent environment in which to work, as well as a nourishing community of peers that is following a similar life path.

Formerly, I have worked up to four jobs at once to pay for the extensive debt I incurred during my tenure at Cornell and the San Francisco Art Institute. I have continued to create new art through all of this, and still maintain an exhibition record complete with solo shows.

Starting in June, I will be working solely for the San Francisco Ballet as their residence manager, and as such, I will be free from noon to seven daily to work in the studio. It will be the first time since graduate school that I will have a block of time dedicated to artistic creation. I aspire to spend that time working at the Headlands Center for the Arts.

My commitment to pursuing a life as an artist is unquestionable. By winning the Tournesol award I will engage in a more complete art practice. It will be my distinct honor to represent the Headlands Center for the Arts as I continue to move forward with my professional art career. Thank you for your consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Pete Ippel

100 Things to Enjoy, 2001

1. Watching a 3am football game at Cornell in the snow and seeing people act like kids again.happy14

2. Hugging Jennifer, putting my nose in her hair and smelling strawberries.

3. Feeling my body relax when my head hits the pillow at night.

4. Remembering the joy in my father’s face on the first day of kindergarten.

5. Hannah’s eyes when her head is tipped down.

6. Having sled day with my boys at home.

7. Getting packages from people, love in the mailbox.happy13

8. Wearing my Ezekiel hat and thinking about how much it means to me.

9. Blueberry cheese muffins from the dragon.

10. Putting my hands in things that are squishy, i.e. pudding mashed potatoes.happy17

11. Being a respected person by my peers.

12. Taking pictures of friends without them knowing (candid shots).

13. Going to the top of the clock tower for no reason, just the view.happy19

14. Walking alone and thinking about how smart I feel in the plantations.

15. Driving Cars.happy20

16. The nape of the neck.happy16

17. Cuddling with someone I care about.happy21

18. Dancing at a party and getting noticed.happy3

19. Learning new dance moves.happy15

20. Bragging about how cool my parents are.

21. Being so dead set on moving to California.

22. Knowing I could quit school now and get a really great job.

23. Understanding that my family loves me no matter what.

24. Nature at Cornell and walking home at night is so beautiful.

25. The understanding that I can, in 15 minutes learn and understand a new computer program.

26. Knowing that I value relationships over grades and act accordingly.

27. Having the audacity to dress the way I want and know that people wish they were me.happy22

28. My confidence in all my skills.happy12

29. I love going to a new place and making new friends, especially with common interests.

30. Hot, steaming fajitas with crisp vegetables.

31. Day dreaming about how I am going to have a beach front house and make money typing on my laptop in my boxers.happy24

32. Working hard and getting a cool drink in the summer.

33. Cheese Fries the old way at Tasty Dog.

34. Eating tons of candy with the knowledge it will never turn to fat.happy11

36. Being 165 pounds of twisted titanium.happy25

37. Listening to the three Gymnopedes by Sate and relaxing.

38. Changing my earrings and sunglasses to redefine myself.

39. Everyday is Halloween.happy10

40. Trying new art supplies for the first time.happy26

41. The memory of sledding down the steps in a big snow storm.

42. Trying on clothes and buying parts of an outfit for cheap.

43. My mobile from the Viking museum in Denmark.

44. Natalie’s smile and her laugh when I tell her a really stupid joke.happy27

45. What did one burp say to the other burp? Letís be stinkers and go out the other end.

46. Asking pops to go to 7/11 for an ice cream cone.happy23

47. All the Ladies I saw in Sweden, and enjoying the culture.

48. Comfy shoes and socks.

49. Playing basketball on Laguna Beach.happy9

50. Lying on a blanket with Collene in a field of dandelions.happy28

51. Styling my hair in spikes.happy8

52. Dick the barber from the Sanitary Barber Shop calling me Ivy.

53. The first time I told Jennifer “I love you.” at Aux Sable Locks.happy7

54. The smell of Hershey PA.

55. Sleeping in the Arts Quad freshmen year.happy6

56. The joy of getting Doggie to turn on.happy29

57. Riding the Big Wheels with Gary and Sam.

58. Going to the pool every summer with Oliver Wendell Holmes School.

59. Really God-Awful Bright Hawaiian shirts, especially in polyester.happy5

60. The Tripping Game.

61. My mother drawing pictures on the brown bag for lunch.

62. Soft peanut butter and jelly on white bread, very squishy.

63. Jell-o jigglers and Jell-o.

63. Jumping off the second platform at Rhem pool in floaties.happy30

65. Cards (asshole and euchre) with the CC team.

66. Cross Country sports followed by McDonald’s.

67. Comfortable blanket warmth on a cold night.happy4

68. Sleeping nude.happy18

69. The shock of going from the sauna to the pool.

70. Watching cartoons late at night with Mikey.

71. Late night snacks.

72. Popcorn on my nightstand from The Mom and Pops.happy31

73. Holiday magic singing carols to the bears and putting my face into the wooden walrus painting.

74. Climbing Open Bible at Mississippi Palasades, Eagles flying.

75. Surprise Birthday parties.

76. Drinking a few beers at the chapter house two years in a row at 12:01 AM.

77. Getting a free pint the second year at the chapter house when I am 22.

78. Putting pennies in the floorboards at 243 S. East Ave.

79. Disney world as a junior in high school, feeling young again.

80. Skateboarding to work at Signal Interactive.happy32

81. New years eve and the craziness of Berlin.

82. Watching people open gifts that Iíve given them.

83. Wrestling with family members, especially pops, Bridget and Matt.

84. Having Matt Bridget and Marianne see me at Heps Freshmen year at Brown

85. Collapsing into Jen’s arms after a tough race at conference senior year.

86. Running with my father one year after he almost died from staph.

87. Playing on the power pad for Nintendo with JP in track and field.

88. Knowing how bad things could be (i.e. last spring) to how good they will continue to be.

89. Kissing and necking Erika in Dickson while the guys were outside messing around in the hall making noise.

90. Dinner and Dancing in the Prairie State Games with Lia.

91. Climbing around Louie’s rock gym roof.

92. Being able to make people smile and laugh.happy2

93. Writing songs on the spot in my head and then singing about anything.

94. Summer trips to Warren Dunes.happy34

95. Haunted Trails, Gradyís and mini golf in general.

96. Chuckie Cheese for Ski ball with The Mom and Rob always putting our tickets together in a cool way to get a family prize.

97. Indoor Kitchen Basketball from J Bikowski and itís legacy at home.

98. Being recruited and accepted to Yale, Penn, and Cornell.happy33

99. Building the giant snowman, mud sliding , dressing up with the boys of Dickson.happy1

100. All you can eat at Oakenshields and dancing at the dinner table and making fools of ourselves as the track team. The best food challenges and the dining hall classic, and bragging rites.

King – Ippel Drawing Collaboration

Updated April 24

[pie left]






Portrait of Eve

Drawing 6.jpg

Drawing 6.jpg


Absracted Circus

Drawing 5.jpg

Drawing 5.jpg






The New Locals

Drawing 3.jpg

Drawing 3.jpg