I’ve Completed the Fantastic Solution to Global Warming

Pete Ippel utilizes a box of lightening, a gigantic biological-organic turbine, wind, tide, hydroelectric, nuclear, volcanic, solar, and geothermic power to sequester carbon dioxide and produce diamonds, thus solving the dilemma with the green house gas, carbon dioxide, vacant coal mines, and the problems with blood diamonds in Africa.

Materials: gouache, ink, pencil, watercolor
Dimensions: 40 x 60 inches (101 x 152 cm)

A Few Questions to Help Plan the Digital Intervention Class (Sonami) Spring 2004

I found this bit of paper and it gives some insight into what I was thinking about at a second year New Genres graduate student at the San Francisco Art Institute.

What kind of projects are you interested in?
Network art, installations / large prints, compression algorithms, Nano-fabrication

What would you like to get out of this class? Coding and access to others interested in art/tech/psych/science…field trips.

Trouble Shooting the Dog

Still no permanent job, but I keep thinking I would love to have that Ti G4 Laptop with the DVD burner……so what do I do…try to work with in my means and fix up the dog. I went from a 300w to a 500w power supply thinking that it was the last problem I could troubleshoot hardware wise, because I’ve already done everything else I can think of. Anywho I get home, install the new power plant and open every program I can. It runs great, then poof…doggie hangs. So much for that idea, but I did think it was under powered, and this new one has another fan, and is considerably quieter than the 300w, go figure. I had another blunder today too, my v200 geek phone stopped working, this is my third unit now, as the speaker phone continues to stop working for me. It’s so frustrating to hear but not be heard. Anyway, while I was at Verizon, I had to hand write over 200 numbers because they don’t have the software to take care of transferring it. SO what I thought would be a 5 min exchange was a 1.5 hour dialog. I had fun and it was Friday so no worries. I don’t know what I’m going to do if it happens again. I got Tizz some shoes today, ’cause she needs em.

On Art and Technology…

“We must expect great innovations to transform the entire technique of the arts, thereby affecting artistic innovation itself and perhaps even bringing about an amazing change in our very notion of art.”
-Paul Valery