When You’ve Seen Yourself Dead, It Changes You.

Make-up 2008 – Saskia Edens

Pete Ippel Silver Skeleton

I was sitting on the #3 bus on the way to the Starlight Room sitting in the middle of the back row of seats, when we made the stop by Japan Town, and a French tour group was chatting and then they got near the back door of the bus, took one look at me, and sat in the Handicap seats up front.

Silver Skeleton 2007 – Pete Ippel

Inspiring Installation by Pete Ippel Created for the Museum of Ventura County Dia de los Muertos Community Celebration

VENTURA, CA – October 26th, 2010 – November 5th, 2010 – Pete Ippel, known for his conceptual installation pieces, has created a specialized artwork for the annual community observance of the Day of the Dead.

Pete Ippel Dia de los Muertos Altar made of re-used plastic bags - The Museum of Ventura County

Delicate and Imposing Dia de los Muertos Altar made of re-used plastic bags created by Pete Ippel. Installation at The Museum of Ventura County.

In Ippel’s Dia de los Muertos altar he has explored the properties of polyethylene thermoplastic made from petroleum. The annual production of this material according to a 2008 study by Piringer & Baner is approximately 80 million metric tons worldwide.

The 11 foot tall stitched work will move with air currents when the cascading waterfall of bones and spirits rustles as viewers walk through the gallery. The piece’s monumental scale contrasts with its near-weightless materials. By integrating reused plastic bags into the installation, Pete Ippel gives items headed to the landfill, or into the ocean, an afterlife.

In addition the re-purposing of discarded plastic bags raises awareness about the Great North Pacific garbage patch. – Where the volume of photo-degraded plastic particulate is grater than the number of plankton.

There’s trash heap the size of Texas, in the ocean, made of plastic.

When you leave the house, please remember to bring your own tote-bags.

Pete Ippel is an artist and record setting high jumper who employs an iterative process honed by experience in research, athletics, and art to present complex ideas in compelling ways. Mr. Ippel’s art is in numerous private collections and has been exhibited in New York, California, and internationally.

You can see Pete’s art on line at http://peteippel.com, http://hypermodern.net or email pete@hypermodern.net for additional information.

Post Halloween Review

So I went with the “surfer dude” costume, and the carnival atmosphere was awesome. The only problem is that I didn’t have a flash on my camera, but the scavenger hunt was excellent, and the costumes were fun, and well, I have a lot to do tomorrow, but I”m stoked that I went out and forgot about things for a few hours. It was really refreshing.

It’s My Favorite Holiday and No Art History

Happy Halloween everyone…I’m headed to Castro, but I still need a costume.

Lots happened today, I had the grad council meeting and I don’t have to re-take art history, they changed the requirements and I’m getting “grandfathered” in. I should I had 20 credits of art hist. and they thought I was not qualified.

I am going to be applying to the Jacob J. Javits fellowship again this year, I want to winnnnnnnnnnnnn! I may be going to Santa Rosa this weekend to shoot a winery. That should be fun. So much is going on, but I still need a job.