Disciplined Artists Never Say “I’m bored.”

In this workshop you will learn that artistic growth comes out of actions.

Wiring your mind for artistic success through iteration, intuition, and discipline will allow you to step away from a fear based artistic life. You will learn to turn off the internal sensor by attacking the boundaries you have placed on yourself and will never again say, “I should be making art right now”.

By sharing generative experiences we will be pushing through fear, creating art in the process.

In addition to the indoor studio component, we will be going on a “Think Walk” – making the world our studio – so wear comfortable clothing and walking shoes. Please bring an open mind and your own PORTABLE creation tools of choice to each session. (mobile phone, laptop, sketchbook, notebook, watercolor, pencils, video camera, still camera, etc.)

The take away is documentation of your work, and a new way of approaching creation.