Pete Ippel Completes ATDP Explorations Student Portfolio

Animation Process For three weeks in July, I spent my Wednesdays taking BART over to UC Berkeley to teach in the secondary division of Academic Talent Development Program. I’m very happy with the final projects, please take a look at the completed ATDP page on where I outline my course (complete with downloadable syllabi), and display student animations ranging from the hand-drawn to claymation. Also there is a photo album for the digital photography class.

Hand Drawn by Sophia Balkoski

East Bay Skate and Oakland Swap Meet

Today I planned to skate at Berkeley with Casey and Brian for an early session…well, the cobalt is back, and it was on lock-down…so we went to Oakland Museum. We had no idea where it actually was, and we stumbled on it quite by accident at 10AM. The slight problem was that it opened at noon. So we had two hours to kill, luckily we were right next to Laney College (I hadn’t heard of it either) and we skated their cement quad with benches etc…we had fun there till the sheriff drove by and we went on a quest through China-town to find an Internet Cafe…no luck, though we stumbled upon the sweetest thing ever, a swap meet…

First stop was the snow cone vendor…and then Brian and I got some cameras, for 10 bucks each!!! I got a medium format Foldex/20 and also a Konica auto S2.

Then we went to the show, and searched out the Almeda park after (in a NAVY base of all places). It’s the first park I’ve ever been to where bikes and boards share…I was told by a biker *who was like 40* that because we’re not in Berkeley or the City, people aren’t mean ’cause no one has to show off…

We had a scare, Casey slammed his head and he was allright *(thank goodness)* and from that point on, kept his lid on.

I had a few nice carves and did a tail-stall, other than that, it was warm and sunny…like *real* California.

(this is the 7th consecutive day of sun…the most I’ve ever witnessed in SF, I’ve worn shorts for a whole week!)

Heading out to Berkeley Park

Big day today for the boys at MSAS. Josh, and I along with two GUEST STARS Casey and Bryan went to the Berkeley park for an early morning session. The problem was that Josh was a bit sluggish getting out of bed, and I said that I would meet the others at Civic Center at 8am. Well we waited for Josh for a bit, and then ended up in Oakland, and had to get another train to North Berkeley. Casey hit a nose manual on the escalator (footie a bit later).

Once we got to the park, there was hardly anyone there, and was the first time in a LONG time that Casey had been on a board. But he seemed to adjust pretty well. Blunts, 5-0 grinds, and rocks to fakie.

Josh was his usual self, and hit the rails for a bit and returned to the bowl, and worked it for a while with a back truck grind around the corner.

The real stars today were the 30-40 year olds who were pulling HUGE frontside and backside airs in the deep end, as well as krook grinds. Lots of good shots thanks to Bryan.

I had a pretty sweet day too, frontside and backside grinds, as well as rock to fakie, rock to regular…sweet!

We rode back to SF and hit up the Etrade steps, Josh had a HUGE ollie over two sets, and I did one set, and finally made it down the complete set. Casey kept trying this crazy flip thing that I don’t know the name of, but it looked pretty sick.

We rode back to the home base, and had double Foreman action, and lots of ground beef and sausage. Ate like champs, and talked about skating for a long time…

Kev, just called from the Valet spot, he wants to hit it when he gets off at 11. Here we go again…