Market Street All-Stars Moving Forward

So is this the end? Hardly. We’ve all moved off that strip of Market, but those experiences have shaped all our lives. Eating tuna and ketchup…apartments with no windows, and skating to stay sane. Here’s the information I have right now. Ethan is still in SF as well as Jimmy and Dennis. I haven’t heard […]

Ollie 180. Got it.

Skated with Kev today after a Cherry Blossom Parade with Jacquie… We hit up Wallenberg, and it was the perfect day, not too hot, but warm enough to wear shorts in SF!!! That doesn’t happen too often so we were stoked. I did a few ollies and tried to work on pop shuvits and then […]

East Bay Skate and Oakland Swap Meet

Today I planned to skate at Berkeley with Casey and Brian for an early session…well, the cobalt is back, and it was on lock-down…so we went to Oakland Museum. We had no idea where it actually was, and we stumbled on it quite by accident at 10AM. The slight problem was that it opened at […]

Daily City Ramp to VERT

I went to the Daily City ramp with Kev, and it was amazing who I ran into…Jason Salfi…he’s from Comet, and it was great to see him again… The ramp itself is rad, already, and they’ve cleverly used the fiberglass fun-box and turned it on its side and made a 4′ extension…the thing is wedged […]