Market Street All-Stars Moving Forward

So is this the end? Hardly. We’ve all moved off that strip of Market, but those experiences have shaped all our lives. Eating tuna and ketchup…apartments with no windows, and skating to stay sane.

Here’s the information I have right now.

Ethan is still in SF as well as Jimmy and Dennis. I haven’t heard from or about Chris forever.

Josh has moved with his GF to greener pastures.

Kev is home skating like a champ, making movies and enjoying the Midwest.

I’m finally hitting my stride, making work, training for track, skating, body boarding…Thank you Market Street All-Stars for all the wonderful support and friendship. I wouldn’t have been able to make it without you.


H Skate is coming, a new art-board keep the eyes peeled for

The Comet Skate Project

I met with Don and James today, and was stoked to have a little pow-wow in my place. I am really excited about this project, as it’s skateboarding and art. You can’t beat that. Things are finally picking up around here, this year has been ultra hectic as far as school goes, and it’s quite nice to have a respite from all the stress…that’s what skating is about.

Right on.

Kev’s Back and Late Skate Careers

Finally got to skate again with Kev, he met me at work *which was awesome* and we walked back to my place, and went down to SOMA. We found this great spot at De Haro, where we would come down a hill, hit a bump, then off a drop, to a ledge. I just went ollie, ollie, ollie….

Kev, was kickflip, ollie 180, nollie nose slide…wow…

or ollie 180, ollie 180, ollie, manual 180 out, nollie flip, ollie 180… hit the 5 trick goal….

IN other news, I’m inspired by one of Kev’s buddies who went pro at 30. There’s still hope for the skater who started at 21… (ie me)

Been a While Since Skating

So I haven’t been skating a whole bunch, as Kev has moved out, and he’s the one I skated with mostly. Plus I’ve really been concentrating on getting a job. I have been working with Comet for a few weeks, on just some little things, but that should be picking up soon…

I’m looking forward to it.

Big Bowl Days

Casey and Brian and I all piled into “God Bless John Wayne” and rode up to Novato, I got so into talking about computers that Casey and I didn’t see the exit and we were in the middle of the sticks before we caught that one…blame Brian…

Anyway once we got there, it was pretty empty, and we just hit the half pipe for a while. Casey really digs his new stick, and it shows he was ripping some pretty pop out rock to fakies and some major grindage, but all of us are still working on pumping the bowl.

*break for Jack in the Box*

After we got back the bowl opened up a bit and C and I were trying to get around at a little higher speed, with minimal success…guess we’ll have to head back this weekend.

We came back pretty wrecked; tired, and busted, hippers on both sides and a new elbow for C, and a slam on the sore right knee for me *from over committing on a 50-50 drop in* and a busted left hip from trying to pump-it a bit too hard.

Crocker Amazon with Kev tomorrow.

I Got A Lot of Footage Today at Novato

I was at Novato again with Kev, we filmed a huge kick flip, and I got some front-side, and worked on the backside grinds, I wanted to stay a bit longer, but it didn’t work out…Noodles on Haight as always.

Today I went with Jon Hittner, and Casey Logan to the “new spot” down by the hood on Army and Indiana. It was a lot of fun, so I think we may be gong to Novato on Saturday if we can figure a way to get there.