The Experience Economy

There are three main basics in economies of the past, let’s say 70 years ago (these are estimates scrawled on the back of an envelope paraphrased from The Experience Economy).

1. Commodity (3%)
2. Goods (17%)
3. Services (80%)

Now there is a fourth.

4. Experience

Here’s how it plays out with Starbucks (again estimated on the back of an envelope).

1. Commodity – bean (pennies)
2. Goods – coffee ($.05 – $.20)
3. Services – paying employees ($.50 – $1.00)
4. Experience – sitting and reading, listening to music, comfy chair ($2.00 – $5.00)

Something to ponder the next time you sit down to the Venti double non-fat-soy-latte. Also are people buying art because they want to talk to the artist? This is what Damien Hirst is banking on.

Check out the book Experience Economy, or wikipedia

GTD and the Reason Why I Like It.


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Leap into GTD. “The people who take to GTD are the most organized people,” David Allen says, “But they self-assess as the least organized, because they are well-enough organized to know that they are fucking up.”

Success is a By-product…Don Tayor

I had this posted over my desk through college, and just found the bit of paper as I am making my scrap book. Thank you to Don Taylor for this inspiring piece.

Success is a by-product of love. I’ve never yet seen anyone achieve greatness without loving what they do. While there is still work involved, if you love what you’re doing, the workload gets lighter.

Success is a by-product of thought. Not thinking of success, but rather think of solving this day’s problems through careful consideration of facts. Thought opens the door of discovery and lets in the light of reason. Sound reason brings clear solutions to difficult problems.

Success is a by-product of focusing on the positive. Only a pessimist succeeds by being negative. By focusing on what you can do, rather than what you cannot, you move forward toward success. Your progress may not be visible to you each day, but you are on your way.

Success is a by-product of planning. Creating a plan will not make you successful. I’ve seen the business plans of some real failures. However, a good plan is a foundation to build on. Executing the elements in your plan will guide you toward success.

Success is a by-product of starting. Many potentially successful projects fail because no one got them started. All success comes from starting. An adage says that well begun is half done.

Success is a by-product of continuing. Thomas Edison achieved great success by starting where others quit. Winston Churchill made a great speech with just six words. He said, “Never, never, never, never give up.” Helen Keller said, “We can do anything we want to do if we stick to it long enough.”

Success is a by-product of time well spent. Productive use of your time is a critical success factor. All people are given the same amount of time every day. Some use it dreaming, some denying, some dodging and some doing. Become a doer. Concentrate on results. Use your time wisely.

Success is a by-product of doing. Results are the outcome of actions. Actions are the by-product of doing.

A lifetime of doing what we love in a positive way, while thinking of others, will create some wonderful products and cause success to surround you.

Work toward other goals and successes will overtake you as certainly as night follows day.

Finance, Value, and Worth

“…if you take responsibility for what you do, that’s a person’s worth. Just because you have a debt doesn’t mean you’re not valuable…”

-Larry Ippel

Financial Chaos

So I got hundred dollars, spent 815, got 20, spent 20, got 75. Good thing I have loan backup…Anyway, I sent out the Penprase project today it was like 10 bucks to send, plus the tube. So I should get the money for that soon. I can’t wait till I start selling more of my work and start making the bank ’cause heaven knows that’s why I’m in the art business…I’m in it for the butta…

Tizz and the Fam has been super supportive through this work session, and I’v still got a lot to do today, I want to work on OBAY and write at least some of my essay, but I”ve been so strapped with this design project. I was online for 10 straight hours today…with a small 30 min break to go run errands, and pay my rent. I just need to unplug…I mean now that I have a living area, I may as well use it right?

The ferry to Sausilito yesterday was pretty choice, especially seeing the sunset over the ocean. Also I ran into John Hittner and Naomi at the Peet’s coffee shop. Tomorrow, I have Class and a tutorial, so I can’t play ball which is a bummer ’cause it’s been so wonderful outside. I’m really getting used to this warmer climate, I don’t know what it’s going to be like back in NY and IL…*cold as hell*

Things are wrapping up, but Javits, book project, and OBAY still loom. It’s going to work out…it always does. Oh yea, The boys on my floor love You should too.

Pay On Time, Please

So, I finished the design today, and I want to get paid before I get home, as this is a recurring theme in my life despite my best efforts to curb it with contracts…seems like I don’t get paid until way after the work is completed…It’s like taxes, an interest free loan. I slept a few hours last night, and work up to the human snooze alarm, Tizzel is the best at that.

So the day was pretty standard, i.e. sitting at the computer for most of the day, and getting around on the skateboard. I bought Kev’s wide angle lens for 20 bucks, and found out that he’s moving to Berkeley. Bummer.

I went out to Othercinema tonight, and saw C. Baldwin, one of my instructors at SFAI, he was in one of the films, and the reason that I went was to learn what other people are doing with culture jamming. I have a lot to do with

Also talked to Pops, and walked to BB&B, to exchange my rug, and my new one is way cooler. The first one was just too much yellow. Anywho, Chris came over for sausage and eggs for dinner, and we looked at Nome Alaska’s webcam…and now it’s time for work.

Bank of America SUCKS!

I REALLY HATE BANK OF AMERICA! Today I went to get 20 bucks out of the ATM and the ATM gave me a receipt and my card, and deducted the funds, but no money!!! So I called the customer service number right on the machine, and they said that they couldn’t help me till tomorrow because they were closed, those SOBs ANYwho, needless to say I was pissed. I am getting that money back if it’s the last thing I do, they better credit me back for that.
In other news, I got two packages today, and a new Foreman grill, wheeeeeee…also a stock of leftover Halloween candy from the mom. Went to lectures tonight, and not surprisingly they were better than the ones commissioned by the school. I had major problems with the umax scanner today, but it worked out, and I mailed the package to Tizz, so new shoes are on the way.

Still working on the two design projects, and I still am working for that new laptop.
Had an awesome day today, got a lot of things done, I have the negs developed, slides done, got footie for skate project, talked to the tizzbomb, emailed lots of professors, got a signature for my TA form, went to class, watched death to Smoochy (an awesome flick) and also got two checks…one for the MP3 player rebate and the work for the HCI group…very nice indeed, thank you to Helena for all the work you put in to get that check for me.