Pay On Time, Please

So, I finished the design today, and I want to get paid before I get home, as this is a recurring theme in my life despite my best efforts to curb it with contracts…seems like I don’t get paid until way after the work is completed…It’s like taxes, an interest free loan. I slept a few hours last night, and work up to the human snooze alarm, Tizzel is the best at that.

So the day was pretty standard, i.e. sitting at the computer for most of the day, and getting around on the skateboard. I bought Kev’s wide angle lens for 20 bucks, and found out that he’s moving to Berkeley. Bummer.

I went out to Othercinema tonight, and saw C. Baldwin, one of my instructors at SFAI, he was in one of the films, and the reason that I went was to learn what other people are doing with culture jamming. I have a lot to do with

Also talked to Pops, and walked to BB&B, to exchange my rug, and my new one is way cooler. The first one was just too much yellow. Anywho, Chris came over for sausage and eggs for dinner, and we looked at Nome Alaska’s webcam…and now it’s time for work.

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