Flowlab 42″ Flowboard and Comet

So tomorrow I’m getting a new stick from the folks at Flowlab. Stoked. I’ll get a review of it here ASAP.

In other news, the Comet wide board (arctic) is rad, I rode it down south, and want to get it in Free Basin at Yerba Buena as soon as humanly possible.

The Comet Skate Project

I met with Don and James today, and was stoked to have a little pow-wow in my place. I am really excited about this project, as it’s skateboarding and art. You can’t beat that. Things are finally picking up around here, this year has been ultra hectic as far as school goes, and it’s quite nice to have a respite from all the stress…that’s what skating is about.

Right on.

Been a While Since Skating

So I haven’t been skating a whole bunch, as Kev has moved out, and he’s the one I skated with mostly. Plus I’ve really been concentrating on getting a job. I have been working with Comet for a few weeks, on just some little things, but that should be picking up soon…

I’m looking forward to it.