Fun in the Sun…A mini “Aqua musical” inspired by Esther Williams and Bert Kaempfert

Fun in the Sun: A mini Aqua musical inspired by Esther Williams and Bert Kaempfert from Hypermodern – Pete Ippel on Vimeo.
Directed by Pete Ippel

Dancers: Leta Biasucci, Rebecca Rhodes, Mitch Gill, Graham Maverick, and James Shee

Filmed by Nans Pierson

Music by Bert Kaempfert and Mitt Gabler “L-O-V-E”

Performed Saturday, January 26th at 100 Performances for the Hole (Notes Going Up and Down) for the Garage Biennale

Skate Video, Phone and a Freelance Job

So I made my first wide angle skate video today, talked with TZ for hours, had a student community meeting, got to go to an opening, read Rolling Stone and Thrasher, and yet I’m still up. I have a huge week coming, calls are finally coming in from the networking I’ve been doing so that’s positive. I may have a freelance photo gig soon. Hope so.