Tough Teachers

My mom is picking up my Rollerblades today so soon I’ll be skating to school. The worst teacher I have ever had was Mrs. Higgins, she was such a BITCH. She was like a slave driver in those olden boats where everyone had to row or be whipped. She was intimidating 7’0″ with shoes on (almost). Her big Afro and top set of teeth were a sight compared to Medusa herself. She was such a perfectionist. I have trouble writing and if I didn’t type my reports I would get a C or lower because of it. She didn’t assign much homework but what she did was difficult.

Mrs. Black on the other had was sort of nice but she assigned so much homework and vocab test SHIT! they were hard. We had to memorize dictionary definitions and punctuate them perfect.

09 02 1993 Pete Ippel Preblog

09 02 1993 Pete Ippel Preblog

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