My Family Is Very Extended

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My family is very extended. I just moved into my first house. First, my mother and father got divorced when I was about 5. My dad remarried a Mexican woman with a daughter from her previous marriage. I stayed in Oak Park till the 4th grade. I moved to Morris Partly because my mother started the Gebhard Woods Dulcimer Festival and partly because she had a boyfriend in Bloomington. They broke up and my mom had other “Friends”. Last year she met a man from England he was over for a job in Bell Labs. He liked folk music and that’s how they met. They got married a few months ago, and now as I said before I have an international family. By the way, Rob, (my stepfather) has two kids David and Hazel both are a pain in the ass. They constantly fight. Hazel broke a window and David broke an antique vase in the time they have been over. They’re leaving in two days. Thank God.

08 24 1993 Pete Ippel Preblog

08 24 1993 Pete Ippel Preblog

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