Connecting The Family: Cousins Living On The West Coast

A wonderful day in Ventura, California spent with my family, going analog with printed photos in a scrap book…Sunshine, no wind, and a walk to the Mission, capped off with a studio tour. Delightful.

Family Time Around The Scrap Book

Family Time Around The Scrap Book: Sharing tea up in the VIP Upstairs at Pete Ippel Studio

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I Can’t Remember Very Far Back

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I remember my first day of school. I got my school supplies the night before and before I went to bed that night I paraded around the house in the clothes I was going to wear the next day with my backpack on. The next morning I woke up early and got ready. The bus stopped in front of my house and I can remember my father’s reaction of me going onto the bus. He was smiling a huge smile and waving frantically. I really remember it well because it is one of the only times I can remember our whole family happy.

08 30 1993 Pete Ippel Preblog

08 30 1993 Pete Ippel Preblog