Giants Win in Upset Vs. Formerly Undefeated Patriots

I called this one. I said Giants by two…then they ended up winning by three. What an exciting game. The most memorable Superbowl in a while…a close game with great defense…

For the Patriots, I can only imagine how much they hurt going into the locker room, just imagine being known as the team for all history who was *almost* undefeated and lost the *ONLY* game that folks really remember. Crushing.

Being the underdog is so much easier, and that’s why I was thinking that the Giants win…imagine the pressure of being perfect all year, and how much DRIVE the Giants had to knock off the nearly two touchdown favorite…

Three hours before the game I was frantically looking to make the first sports bet of my life, and was unsuccessful. Technical difficulties with getting money into the online sports-betting world…The Giants were -415 on the money line…missed a big payout there…

Gah, Another Tough Friday Lecture

Well, another Friday lecture down the tubes, I wonder if it’s a prerequisite to be an awful speaker if you’re being a visiting lecture. Tonight she was yawning to her own slides, AND THEY’RE HER SLIDES! It’s a damn good thing I’m becoming an artist, because I want to create change when I come back to SFAI, people will have fun, and the lecture is going to be SHORT, because I don’t want to waste grad student’s time.

In other news open studios is tomorrow, and I’m stoked.

In other, other news, I want to high jump so bad I can taste it, and I finally have a goal, I want to compete in the State Games of America in CT this summer. I’ve got a long way to go, as I’m a bit soft right now.

Gotta tone down the skating too, my left hip is getting funky from skating 6 miles a day to and from the studios…skate to stay young.

Baseball and the Bandwagon

I went to the world series game last night, got a ticket stub from a guy that bailed in the 4th inning, it was a 175 dollar skybox seat. I couldn’t believe he was leaving. I tried to get in, but the bar code on my stub wouldn’t let me, and then I just watched the game from the foot bridge. Some other REAL fans and I cheered and sneered at the people leaving. We were hopeful for the 6 run rally in the 9th. Also a mentally challenged guy named John gave me an MLB pin, anonymous gifts are wonderful, and a drug dealer offered me to buy the I-Ride skateboard I built for 200 dollars. Of course I declined. Overall, a good night.