A Few Questions to Help Plan the Digital Intervention Class (Sonami) Spring 2004

I found this bit of paper and it gives some insight into what I was thinking about at a second year New Genres graduate student at the San Francisco Art Institute.

What kind of projects are you interested in?
Network art, installations / large prints, compression algorithms, Nano-fabrication

What would you like to get out of this class? Coding and access to others interested in art/tech/psych/science…field trips.

Moving Ahead with Jobs

It’s been a while, and I’ve had so much going on, but suffice it to say, I’ve been skating at 2 parks on Monday, the weekend was filled with moving and getting furniture (new to me) and photographing a party, meeting with a client, and this Thursday I have a performance and Friday I have another meeting. I’m excited that things are finally coming in, after two pretty dry months, where I was doing a lot of contacting, and not much response. It feels really good.

Skate Video, Phone and a Freelance Job

So I made my first wide angle skate video today, talked with TZ for hours, had a student community meeting, got to go to an opening, read Rolling Stone and Thrasher, and yet I’m still up. I have a huge week coming, calls are finally coming in from the networking I’ve been doing so that’s positive. I may have a freelance photo gig soon. Hope so.


Headed off to battle financial aid…


People I Was Told That I Look Like Today…

Sarah Albrecht – Billy Idol
Billy Idol
Douglas Holleley – Sting
Julia Featherngill – Villain from Bladerunner
Joe Zane – Max Headroom
Max Headroom
Pete – David Bowie

Pete – Johnny Rotton
Pete – Dolf Lundrin