Deciding to Share is a Directed Process Culminating In Action

After yesterday’s post about art being the opposite of the broken lamp, I took a deep breath, and I went to the storage space where my childhood possessions are kept in Illinois. I experienced the proverbial broken lamp first hand today.

After assessing and separating my possessions from ages 0-22 into categories, furniture, books, clothes, papers, art, misc, I began the choice making.

First, I shared most of my teenage clothes with a local charity. Then, after dinner with my father, I gathered and packed the first load of possessions to evaluate.

I am reserving a few days to process art, letters, writings.

When I switched on my computer this evening, I found out that my piece Italiana Perfecta is now in a new home. I am very, very pleased, thank you to Art In The Information Age and Point.B Studio

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