29 Ways To Stay Creative – Motion Graphics by TO-FU

In the midst of one of the greatest challenges I’ve ever faced, this simple reminder, that what I’ve been doing during my recovery from surgery is on point, confirms my path and the choices I’ve been making. 29 Ways To Stay Creative is a reminder to nourish ourselves, and prevent self abandonment.

This video has given me a great lift, I anticipate you will also find it affirming. My only substitute is green tea for coffee…

Thank you to my neighbor, Sean Tully, for the link to the video. He’s creative too. http://seantully.com/



  • Pete,

    This is a fantastic video, but there are a few contradictions.

    One of the tips is to stay away from the computer. How else could I have watched the video?

    Why is making lists in the top 10 things to do, and finishing something the last? Yah, I get it. The last point being that one ought to finish stuff. But, why not say it right after making lists?

    How do you like your new nickname? http://payam.minoofar.com/2011/08/01/my-dinner-with-bjorn-borg/

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