Is Painting the Answer?

Start class tomorrow, intense painting with D. Crumpler, I’m excited, but wondering if this is the right thing to do. The Tizz says that I need to concentrate on making my own artwork the way I want to and this obsession with talking about painting is silly. I am inclined to agree with her ’cause she’s usually right. Anywho, the bottom line is that at the San Francisco International Art Expo, there was nothing like mine and a shit load of painting…you can look at that as one of two ways…one person said to me, “painting…it’s making a comeback…it’s like the new video.” OR….Painting is dead…

First off, people haven’t really EXPLOITED video yet…but honestly I think 2d work is bought more…by people who want to decorate their house.

Personally, I’m making artwork to be utilized or purchased by everyone…ranging from Free Memory for my peeps on Market, social commentary on OBAY, to stuff that people dream about having, like, a P. Ippel, artrockstar signed digitalia first Ed…there were only 10 of those wax prints you know…and the thing is that they AREN’T on acid free paper so you know what…they’re special and require lots of curatorial attention.

Anywho, for all you that think that selling out is bad, fuck you, you romantic hypocrites (the same people who think the partnership between CCAC and SFAI is bad)…I’m in it for the money (and to have an amazing student/life experience)…and I make artwork for all types of people, and if anything, I didn’t sell out, the mainstream bought in.

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