Going Going Back Back to Cali Cali

It’s been a while but I have had an amazing journey from IL, back to Cali and now I’ve already finished a week of school with Xu Bing. It has been a great experience, and I have gotten so much facility back in my brush. I’m very excited about the whole situation. However, I am a bit bummed that he had to leave on Friday.

This weekend I worked hard and was serious about my career, I created a series of 18 postcards, and I’m planning to make contact with the people I know from all sorts of places…and let them know about the new projects.

I have to work on OBAY a lot, and get my galleries in order before school starts, and work on this internship at Macromedia, that would be a dream come true…maybe I could even stay on part time during the school year.

I got called by the track folks today, and it was great to be on the other end of the phon-a-thon, and talk to my friends again…and I even donated 50 bucks…so I won’t eat for a month…track was good to me, and now I’ve got to start training again to peak in Aug for SGA III.

I miss the Tizz, but I know she’s doing great a learning a lot. Big ups to the Rentals this week for helpin’ me out and in other news, I got to practice my Spanish when Abuelita called…such a welcome surprise.

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