Free Memory II and Open Studio

Free Memory II was a success, and went a lot faster this time, only 23 minutes. I am still looking for a job, and it’s getting really scary, because I don’t know if I’m going to make rent this month. I have to do a lot of searching for funds before Friday. Open studios was well attended I think, however, since I’m not a painter, I felt a bit out of place. Perhaps if I get my film developed and make some more big prints I’ll be ok. My work is strong, but I am not sure how many people actually looked at it at the open studios. I gave away some stickers, so maybe they looked at home.

Feels like network art is the wave of the future, but I need funds now.


Internet, Burrito, and Open Studio

Psyched about open studios tomorrow, I will be showing this new work. Talked to the rentals for a long time tonight, and they’re finally getting plugged in. IM, email, and internet at the same time! Wheeeeeeee! Anywho, I went out to eat tonight for the first time since Tizz left, and I can say for $4.88 you get the best meal in the hood from Cancun Burrito Mojado.

Got plans for Turkey Day. LA baby, just got to figure out when and how to get there. I’m stoked, and need to figure out rent first. Maybe I can trick or treat to 802 houses for a dollar each, if I start now, perhaps I can finish by Nov. 1.

Look for part two of Free Memory tomorrow at 12:00 noon UN plaza (don’t forget to set your clocks…)