*modified from an email to K. Gardner* This past Wednesday I had the pleasure of seeing J. Baldessari talk, and he said some things and I thought this is good… So he starts out as a painter, “I got the sneaking suspicion that there was now more to art than painting…” he burns his paintings […]


It’s been a while, 20 days in Italy, mid review…but I’ve got a lot to say…much has been going on, and the majority of it…has to do with school. I wish I was writing more so I could keep track of how my day to day activities influence my life. This is the start again. […]


How I spent February 5th By: Pete Ippel – Bay Area Art Cynic So once again like every great monthly tradition; menstruation or paying your credit card bill, the public are invited to the �First Thursday�s� at 39 Geary. It�s not that I don�t like the idea of seeing the contemporary art scene in San […]


Got a great new idea about a science fiction story, ’bout the *future* ooOOOOOOOOOoOOOOoooHHH. Still need to work out plot kinks, but I think I’ve got characters. I really enjoyed my classes today, I think it’ sgoing to be great to work with Tony Labat again, and the class called “mediations” is going well, I’m […]


Dad on the relationship of woodblock to free memory… “Get back to the elements, what do you do to reveal what inside? Remove what’s not the image. Present only what’s essential. If it wasn’t what it is, it’d be something else. When you’ve formed what’s essential it’s enough. You and those you believe in is […]