Today the meeting with the trustees was great, because I finally got some feel for the numbers in SFAI’s budget. I also met a fellow Cornellian (always a fun thing) and turns out Jay Pidto ’60 was also in Phi Lam (which merged with Phi Delt) right after he was there…so we’re brothers…That was pretty […]


About the art thing…oh yea, I went to the “everything you wanted to know about art but were afraid to ask” I was late because of the accident, but basically they said the same thing as my art marketing book, that the human aspect is super important about making relationships, and sending thankyou notes etc. […]


It’s been really crazy the last few days, with my start at CompUSA I’ve really struggled, as customer service is said to be top priority, but the function of the policies in the store make customer service very, very, very difficult simply because the way things are set up, the client must wait to get […]


So I showed work today in tony’s class.. love is like bread (only in French) was received fairly well, although I’m not sure if it should be edited or shown in its entirety. Narritive was also brought up, as well as theatricality… The second piece with Kuai’s song I think I’m cutting off the intro […]


So Friday I went to see Suzaan Boettger talk. Excerpts of the good stuff… “Artists explore in advance of the regulars…” “Enterprizing artists critique, and want the recognition of their peers…” (I’m not sure what she really meant by that, but it was interesting none the less) Here’s a book to check out about the […]

So I haven’t been skating a whole bunch, as Kev has moved out, and he’s the one I skated with mostly. Plus I’ve really been concentrating on getting a job. I have been working with Comet for a few weeks, on just some little things, but that sould be picking up soon… I’m looking forward […]