How To Create Photograms In The Darkroom Or Outside In The Sun

I have been traveling through my portfolio and documenting my work, here’s how to create images similar to this feather. I highly recommend trying alternative photography processes.

Feather Photogram by Pete Ippel

Feather Photogram 4 x 6 inches hand brushed silver gelatin on paper by Pete Ippel

Substrate: I used cold press acid-free watercolor paper
Chemistry: Liquid Light

For the meticulous folk with professional darkroom access

  • Coat the paper with Liquid Light in a dark room using a nylon brush, they’re easier to clean.
  • Let the paper dry completely.
  • Place the object on the paper
  • Expose to a light with appropriate time (check the Liquid Light box for details)
  • Develop using standard developer and fixer baths.

If you’re feeling frisky and want to put some of the process to chance:

  • Coat the paper in the pitch black at home
  • Let it dry
  • Place paper in an opaque bag with the object sitting on the paper and walk outside
  • Pull the paper with the object on top out of the bag and place it in the sun. Count a few seconds, and go develop it according to the instructions on the bottle.

If you get a black piece of paper with no image, shorten the time in the sun 😉

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