Blogging to Be Clutter Free

So I’ve been reading some books about how to become less dependent on objects, and more dependent on life and relationships…Specifically The Artist’s Way and Let Go Of Clutter and I think the Internet holds the key to a clutter free lifestyle.

Things that have helped clear my life and open my time.

In addition, I have been thinking a lot about how to make a transparent lifestream, and proposed the following Ultimate WordPress Plugin…here it is:

Scan the hard drive and post files to the blog synced with tags and time stamps, if there were multiple files (drafts) there could be digest posts…visibility would be set to invisible unless the user specified otherwise.

The folks over at Fabricatorz have begun working on AutoStat which is working on the system level and will start to make this goal a reality.

It’s about making connections and sharing across large data sets.

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