Who is Robert Smithson

Here are some notes from my first digital art class back in 1999. It’s interesting to see how this influenced my thinking about free content, where art exists, and what temporal adjustments do to art.

Site vs. Non-site? Anecdotes
Define Structure
Context | What is HTML?
Content | What is the Internet?

Does definition change?
Place | Server (does it exist if no one sees it?)

Smithson (1938-1973)
“Earthwork Artist of the 1960’s”
Tools: Dump trucks & Bulldozers
Photographed himself in slide form.

Gertrude Stein influenced Smithson
Robert Ryman in terms of white
Barbara Kruger

What is viewpoint?
(at this point I have two URLs that sadly no longer work from wired.com and zkm.de )

Record of Smithson disappear
15 frames/second

Does it last, does it exist?

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