So Much to Think About

I started my day with a nice breakfast and went to the library at the end of Market Street. Very striking interior. I went up to the 6th floor after I got a new card (from a women who had the biggest midsection I’d ever seen. She was incredible and helpful and I looked at Thrasher and Track & Field news. I checked the U.S Nationals, I’ve jumped against 4 of the competitors. C. Clinger, N. Leaper, T. Harris and D.Olson. Leaper won at 7′ 7.5″ or so. He’s 25 which makes me wonder if I could still get in the game. I would need to find a coach again and a place to work out, but it’s so tough to give up something you love. I hate even writing that down….”give up”. I love high jump and I was to be part of the track and field community, but I’ve not work out for nearly a year. I stopped last November.

Anyway I went to 3rd street via 7th, 16th and 3rd it’s fretty fast. I was extremely disappointed to find out that class has 38 students in it we spent the entire time working out when we would have review. I am generally upset that SFAI has given so many half-truths not even the teachers know how big their classes are going to be.

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