Updated 10/24/2011

Teaching Philosophy

I am passionate about the interconnectedness of disparate communities and analogous systems, and I have a vision of the future where technology as it applies to the everyday is the driving force behind art.

For example, mobile phones have become extensions of our arms, with lenses and memories capable of recording events. It’s the investigation of this and other analogous structures, eye to lens, brain to processor, ear to microphone, which will give insight to the future of computing. I am fascinated how creative individuals are going to approach miniaturization, developments in processing power, and increases in network speed.

I encourage students to draw from their interactions with technology both in and out of the studio-lab. By applying them to the changing needs of the community both virtually and physically, their investigation improves the shared quality of life, making it unique and stimulating.

Abstract thinking and problem solving must be the foundation for artists interested in developing a digital sensibility, and it is the charge of the instructor to ask the right questions so as to lead / help / cement / instill / cultivate this approach. Art students will draw inferences and gain digital fluency by honing their critical thinking skills and practical production techniques: thus gaining the ability to share their studio and studio-less experiences in a clear and cohesive way.

As I look to the future, my goal as an educator is to promote open exchange and accessibility to art and technology across international and socio-economic boundaries. I am prepared to engage my students by exposing them to a broader, more global international community through the use of technology. Examining the influence of environment, culture, and context will be especially rewarding in the pursuit of these goals.

Art is the most practical, essential, and exciting field of study in the world today. Thinking dynamically at the rate of technological advancement leads to innovation in the creative arts, particularly in the university setting. It is in this environment I desire to share in the artistic discoveries of students.