Spatial Representations Activated During Real-time Comprehension of Verbs
by Daniel C. Richardson Department of Psychology, Cornell University; Michael J. Spivey Department of Psychology, Cornell University; Lawrence W. Barsalou Department of Psychology, Emory University; Ken McRae Department of Psychology, The University of Western Ontario

In this project I created over 100 digital drawings that were used for experimental stimuli during the subject trials.

Enzymatic Cascade 2002
Wayne the Hair Cell in stars in this flash animation that explains how the inner ear functions.
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Searching Circle 2001
Flash Animation to tests the effect motion has on the perception of a narrative.
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Name Owners vs. Name Sayers 2000
Flash Animation to test if there is an inherent vocal intonation for a “Name Owner”
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Subebaja-Seesaw is a metaphor for the rise and fall of economic, social, and cultural dialog between Mexico and the United States. A completely balanced relationship or the presence of only one nation would signify stasis, and thus an inability to grow and learn.

Riding Subebaja-Seesaw is the act of giving one thing and receiving another. Both parties are necessary to make this giant teeter-totter functional, as it’s impossible to ride it alone. Movements are exchanges, where cooperation and frequent activity is the key to the best ride.

The website presents the experience of artist Pete Ippel as he explores Mexico and the United States with a digital camera, a mobile phone, and a laptop. For 40 days, pivoting around August/Augosto 1, 2007, Ippel lives the life of a digital nomad by physically crossing borders, traveling through various cities, and speaking and writing in two languages. Each entry is enriched with video, photography, and audio. The accounts of experiences physically located in the USA (7-11 to 8-1) are written in Spanish, while those located in Mexico (8-1 to 8-20) are written in English.

Subebaja-Seesaw is a site that uses a FLASH interface to share stories, audio, videos, and photos with the world community.

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Longitudinal study on Internet “hotness
As age goes up, hotness goes down.