The majority were exhibited during Pete Ippel’s BFA thesis show entitled “Priorities, installation, audition, and digitala”

80s Laugh Looping drum line and a sinister chuckle
Abstract Twelve minutes of agony
Application Mix Made this when I needed a quick break from applying for an MFA while an undergrad
April 1 Quick mix from April Fool’s Day 2002
Augustas Named after the Roman emperor
Bass Filled More bass explosion
Bass Line Grooving to the bass
Capri Sun Tropical feel slurping a Capri Sun and making a slide whistle
Creepy Beat Reminiscent of old horror tracks
Cynical and DJZN Live – Analog Key Fade Live cut using a Yamaha synth I got at a garage sale in Morris, Illinois
Cynical and DJZN Live – Better Mix Finally getting the live balance right
Cynical and DJZN Live – Fantastic Cutting and scratching with no slide mixer
Cynical and DJZN Live – Thesis Long grove that later became the thesis composite video
Dance Hall Music Made in 2004 with limited lyrics
Dark Bells Clanging and the banging
Filter 2 Disjointed and exotic
Funky Train One of the first tracks I ever made late 2000
Guitar Upbeat jam
Guitar 2 More guitar licks
Hall – produced by Tom Chi Tom Chi produced this track, I did the vocals, it was made as part of his switch sessions project
Hey Hey Fat Albert makes everything better
Hypermodern Remix I spent a ton of time on this cut, and it became the sound track for the Mellon Ball video (when I got my denial from Carnegie Mellon )
Independence Day Feeling patriotic
Late Night New York – Live Up till the wee hours, by myself…again…alone…in the studio.
Looney Pig Remixing some of my favorite cartoon characters
Lorca Seeing how my Spanish pronunciation is coming along in 2006
MAX MSP Music Results of 2004 class at the San Francisco Art Institute with Laetitia Sonami
Maurice Phenomenon Reading experiment with Doppler shift in headphones
Mixer Based on crumpling up of glossy photo ink jet paper
New Loops Downloaded some new loops, get a new track
No Pupil DJZN Live- JK (vocals) and MA (guitar) Acoustic guitar and live performance with Reason beats
Scratchy Syns Home made analog sounds, experimenting with time
Special Girl purchased an electric guitar and a microphone in 2005, not a great result but interesting experiment for my first love song
Speed If you can’t make it good make it fast (or loud)
Thumpy Shaking those 15″ speakers
Vic Victor brand mouse traps and an accordion
Weyo Mellowed out and methodical
Whoop Not quite what people have in mind when they say jungle beats

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