Wild Flowers In Full Bloom

Wild Flowers In Full Bloom, originally uploaded by hypermodern.

I was out on a bike ride to take a break from the studio and headed north from Ventura along the beach. I looked to the right and was blown away by the vibrant yellow wild flowers set off by the crisp blue in the sky. If you let your eyes blur, it’s quite painterly.
Pete Ippel – Artist / Athlete – hypermodern.net
– Taken at 6:01 PM on April 07, 2010 – uploaded by ShoZu

Successful Open Studio at Working Artists Ventura

I am very pleased with the amount of new friends I met last night. There was a Ventura Bike Club bride ride drive by, a few groups of teachers with their students, and many individual art lovers. I will be posting some detailed photos from the evening when I return from San Francisco. Tonight I am presenting a new performance piece at SOMArts in connection with Justin Hoover’s second curation of "100 performances for the hole take two" . If you are in the city come on by, the show starts at six and will go till one or so. I will be on between seven and nine.
Pete Ippel – Artist / Athlete – hypermodern.net
– Taken at 6:46 PM on March 05, 2010 – uploaded by ShoZu