For My 35th Birthday, I’d like to see my Pop’s Last Modern Dance Performance Before He Retires March 15th

What I’d really like more than anything for my birthday is help getting to Chicago to see my Father’s final performance at Momenta Dance Company on the 15th before he retires after 41 years of modern dancing. Any little bit is much appreciated my Paypal is If you’d like to buy some art, I’m …

Connecting The Family: Cousins Living On The West Coast

A wonderful day in Ventura, California spent with my family, going analog with printed photos in a scrap book…Sunshine, no wind, and a walk to the Mission, capped off with a studio tour. Delightful. Come find innovative, contemporary art, right off the 101 at Ventura Avenue and Thompson Boulevard. Visit Pete Ippel Art Studio

It Bugs Me

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…when my family fights mostly my brother and sister (both Rob’s kids). It also bugs me when I go to a store and buy something and then a week later it is less expensive. It bugs me when store clerks treat me as an idiot with no money, I’d like to be treated with the …

My Family Is Very Extended

This entry is part [part not set] of 12 in the series Green Cycle Notebook

My family is very extended. I just moved into my first house. First, my mother and father got divorced when I was about 5. My dad remarried a Mexican woman with a daughter from her previous marriage. I stayed in Oak Park till the 4th grade. I moved to Morris Partly because my mother started …