It’s My Favorite Holiday and No Art History

Happy Halloween everyone…I’m headed to Castro, but I still need a costume.

Lots happened today, I had the grad council meeting and I don’t have to re-take art history, they changed the requirements and I’m getting “grandfathered” in. I should I had 20 credits of art hist. and they thought I was not qualified.

I am going to be applying to the Jacob J. Javits fellowship again this year, I want to winnnnnnnnnnnnn! I may be going to Santa Rosa this weekend to shoot a winery. That should be fun. So much is going on, but I still need a job.

Notes from Matmos Lecture 2002

Mary Douglas book —> Dirt

*It’s all about the venue/gallery/rave/etc. if you’re comfortable.

Chris Watson—->Caberet Voltaire from the 70’s
Touch label
Protools, cubase *logic* Max

(chaotic chemistry)

Pierre Henry “death”
1963 Variations for a door and a sign
Music Concrete
Music out of Anerexia 1 or 2 sources
“We liked raves before they became full of suburban drug addicts”

Francisco Lopez – blindfolded audience
Limitations of technology make things seem like a better idea.

cut/pitch shift
It’s about source
Clip, glitch
Look to get out of rhythm more

Dada smitrerland teens
Next synths
Roland sampler

Toured with Bjork

Make one song out of an object (Neil Diamond, not a musician, an entertainer)

Copyright law —> no such words as “new”
Be inspiring and make free things

Negative land —> Folk music of now. Music is far more efficient the new “word of mouth”

It’s not about the world it’s about me. Future physical in London

Rent is tough in San Francisco

Scared about getting rent in this month, good news is though that I may be able to get a loan for work study money. Also I’m trying to get a design job working with Focus International. I hope that works out. I’ve been spending so much time job hunting, I’m sure it will pay off soon. It’s been over a month that I’ve been looking. I am finally getting in a cycle. I feel more comfortable every week here in SF.

I went skating today and actually got a two truck grind and landed it. Thank goodness for the little ledge on McArthur St.

Free Memory II and Open Studio

Free Memory II was a success, and went a lot faster this time, only 23 minutes. I am still looking for a job, and it’s getting really scary, because I don’t know if I’m going to make rent this month. I have to do a lot of searching for funds before Friday. Open studios was well attended I think, however, since I’m not a painter, I felt a bit out of place. Perhaps if I get my film developed and make some more big prints I’ll be ok. My work is strong, but I am not sure how many people actually looked at it at the open studios. I gave away some stickers, so maybe they looked at home.

Feels like network art is the wave of the future, but I need funds now.


Internet, Burrito, and Open Studio

Psyched about open studios tomorrow, I will be showing this new work. Talked to the rentals for a long time tonight, and they’re finally getting plugged in. IM, email, and internet at the same time! Wheeeeeeee! Anywho, I went out to eat tonight for the first time since Tizz left, and I can say for $4.88 you get the best meal in the hood from Cancun Burrito Mojado.

Got plans for Turkey Day. LA baby, just got to figure out when and how to get there. I’m stoked, and need to figure out rent first. Maybe I can trick or treat to 802 houses for a dollar each, if I start now, perhaps I can finish by Nov. 1.

Look for part two of Free Memory tomorrow at 12:00 noon UN plaza (don’t forget to set your clocks…)

Gah, Another Tough Friday Lecture

Well, another Friday lecture down the tubes, I wonder if it’s a prerequisite to be an awful speaker if you’re being a visiting lecture. Tonight she was yawning to her own slides, AND THEY’RE HER SLIDES! It’s a damn good thing I’m becoming an artist, because I want to create change when I come back to SFAI, people will have fun, and the lecture is going to be SHORT, because I don’t want to waste grad student’s time.

In other news open studios is tomorrow, and I’m stoked.

In other, other news, I want to high jump so bad I can taste it, and I finally have a goal, I want to compete in the State Games of America in CT this summer. I’ve got a long way to go, as I’m a bit soft right now.

Gotta tone down the skating too, my left hip is getting funky from skating 6 miles a day to and from the studios…skate to stay young.