Reasonable Critique

Good news, I went out for a delicious meal at the Korean BBQ with Chris and V (the one who invited us to her house party in Berkeley) today, it was DAMN good. I also had a pretty reasonable critique with C. Baldwin, and I have to get this postering stuff started. I really want to get out there and do it, but I’m as of yet not sure of the best way to execute the project.

I still am working on how to get the Javits finished on time, as I am struggling on almost every aspect of it, but like everything else, it will get done. Tomorrow is the deadline for the SMI project, and luckily I did that yesterday, so I could have today free to work on my projects.

I got a ride home from Hillary today, and she thought the new prints were pretty nice too.

I can’t wait to see Tizz and the rest of the Crew back at I-Town, and then head back to CHI…I am actually filled with a bit of trepidation about the cold, as I’ve been wearing t-shirts…very strange, but I like it!

Skating the Federal Building and Library

Sweet session tonight, Josh, Kev and I went out to skate the wall ride at the federal building on Golden gate. It was a quick bust, but not before both J and K went right over the “no rolling” bronze square…choice.

The the 5-0 rolled out of the parking garage and pointed his spot on us, we all froze, and over the megaphone he was all “SKATEBOARDERS, THIS IS FEDERAL PROPERTY…” He never actually kicked us out, but we got the hell out of that sitch ASAFP we headed to the library, but it was just power washed so off to a well lit parking lot.

We skated there for a while to get some footie and kept the camera on the ground and ollied over it, the wheels on pavement sound like jets…pretty sweet.

Then we went to a short set of 4, and Kev got a nice kick flip and I ollied landed it twice…Josh bailed after that great film job, ’cause he had to work tomorrow, then Kev and I went to the postoffice at Fox plaza and the long 4 there. He ollied and I filmed and he worked the ledge there for a bit too.

After a stop at the liqour store for some fierce mellon, we headed home, chilled and watched the night’s work…

Financial Chaos

So I got hundred dollars, spent 815, got 20, spent 20, got 75. Good thing I have loan backup…Anyway, I sent out the Penprase project today it was like 10 bucks to send, plus the tube. So I should get the money for that soon. I can’t wait till I start selling more of my work and start making the bank ’cause heaven knows that’s why I’m in the art business…I’m in it for the butta…

Tizz and the Fam has been super supportive through this work session, and I’v still got a lot to do today, I want to work on OBAY and write at least some of my essay, but I”ve been so strapped with this design project. I was online for 10 straight hours today…with a small 30 min break to go run errands, and pay my rent. I just need to unplug…I mean now that I have a living area, I may as well use it right?

The ferry to Sausilito yesterday was pretty choice, especially seeing the sunset over the ocean. Also I ran into John Hittner and Naomi at the Peet’s coffee shop. Tomorrow, I have Class and a tutorial, so I can’t play ball which is a bummer ’cause it’s been so wonderful outside. I’m really getting used to this warmer climate, I don’t know what it’s going to be like back in NY and IL…*cold as hell*

Things are wrapping up, but Javits, book project, and OBAY still loom. It’s going to work out…it always does. Oh yea, The boys on my floor love You should too.

Pay On Time, Please

So, I finished the design today, and I want to get paid before I get home, as this is a recurring theme in my life despite my best efforts to curb it with contracts…seems like I don’t get paid until way after the work is completed…It’s like taxes, an interest free loan. I slept a few hours last night, and work up to the human snooze alarm, Tizzel is the best at that.

So the day was pretty standard, i.e. sitting at the computer for most of the day, and getting around on the skateboard. I bought Kev’s wide angle lens for 20 bucks, and found out that he’s moving to Berkeley. Bummer.

I went out to Othercinema tonight, and saw C. Baldwin, one of my instructors at SFAI, he was in one of the films, and the reason that I went was to learn what other people are doing with culture jamming. I have a lot to do with

Also talked to Pops, and walked to BB&B, to exchange my rug, and my new one is way cooler. The first one was just too much yellow. Anywho, Chris came over for sausage and eggs for dinner, and we looked at Nome Alaska’s webcam…and now it’s time for work.

*Sigh* No Powerbook for Me

I had an awesome day today, I woke up, talked to the Tizz, and went to class, even though I wasn’t supposed to have class today. BUT, it was really nice to have a smaller group. I went to Hard Knocks with Bijan, and had a BBQ Bacon cheese burger…very very good. Then went skating at the “new spot” as the locals call it, at Indiana and Army. I got up on the ledges there, and I was so stoked! It was all about aligning my shoulders properly to pop at the takeoff. Anywho, I cam home and have come to the realization that I can’t afford the Ti powerbook 🙁

So I spent much of the day looking for reasonably priced laptops, and I have found an HP one for about 1600…It seems to have a bunch of good things, the only problem is I was hoping to have a 64mb video card and it doesn’t If I want that I need to spend about 1900…

So who knows, but I think it would help with work flow. I talked to Mikey last night for a while and he’s settling down…Ethan is still looking for a formal date, Jill is doing well in the B-Low, and her mom had a week of to go to Disney. Tizz made it home safely, and Kev and I got to skate this spot on Golden gate where I did a little wall riding (granted it was a bit sloped) and ollied over a bar, and I”m trying to ollie and land off a ledge, but kept chickening out on the landing. I still need to finish this writing for the Javits thing, as well as catch up for Tony’s class…I have a lot of writing to do.

Bank of America SUCKS!

I REALLY HATE BANK OF AMERICA! Today I went to get 20 bucks out of the ATM and the ATM gave me a receipt and my card, and deducted the funds, but no money!!! So I called the customer service number right on the machine, and they said that they couldn’t help me till tomorrow because they were closed, those SOBs ANYwho, needless to say I was pissed. I am getting that money back if it’s the last thing I do, they better credit me back for that.
In other news, I got two packages today, and a new Foreman grill, wheeeeeee…also a stock of leftover Halloween candy from the mom. Went to lectures tonight, and not surprisingly they were better than the ones commissioned by the school. I had major problems with the umax scanner today, but it worked out, and I mailed the package to Tizz, so new shoes are on the way.

Still working on the two design projects, and I still am working for that new laptop.
Had an awesome day today, got a lot of things done, I have the negs developed, slides done, got footie for skate project, talked to the tizzbomb, emailed lots of professors, got a signature for my TA form, went to class, watched death to Smoochy (an awesome flick) and also got two checks…one for the MP3 player rebate and the work for the HCI group…very nice indeed, thank you to Helena for all the work you put in to get that check for me.