National Geographic Recycling Game is Green and Hyphy

I found this today, and was really impressed with National Geographic’s commitment to changing youth attitudes about the importance of recycling.

In my experience, having fun with recycling and sustainability issues, is key to making the message stick that if we all make small lifestyle changes, a great good will come from it.
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I am working on a new song that will act at a theme for my new website where Bay Area slang, world politics, and hyphy beats are combined for a positive message about recycling and sustainability and some critique of current lifestyles and consumer trends. Here are a couple of lines…

Living green is thug, that’s why I choose it,
They throw it out, I rinse and re-use it.

Play this in the club, let me see your hands
While I’m struttin’ in my Vans
I won’t leave a carbon footprint da da da da da
da da da da da

I’m thrilled to keep affecting change by having fun, being excited about new green tech and clean tech, *getting hyphy*, and giving examples of easy things to do such as switching to compact fluorescent bulbs, doing anything to reduce carbon emissions like skating, biking, walking taking MUNI through The City. In my job I work with a lot of youth, and I have to say it’s been really exciting watching the kids make positive choices and tell their friends about how they can do the same. 😀

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