It’s been a whlile since I’ve posted.

I’m pleased to report that I finished my first commission ahead of schedule and the piece is hanging up in my room, waiting for me to figure out where to sign it.

In other news, I’ve applied to IPCNY new print show for November, and also will be in the show at teh Los Angeles Center for Digital Art. I would like to show more work there, and eventually move down there.

The image that will be in “Snap to Grid” it’s called “MSAS 2002”.

I’m teaching two days a week at the Marin School of Art and Technology, http://www.envisionschools.org/msat/ and the title of my class is “Tesseract”. I’m really excited that I get to use the curriculum that I developed over the years using the hypercube as a syllabus and the idea of Analogs…in terms of both definitions.

– – – Thank you Merriam Webster – – –
Main Entry: tes�ser�act
Pronunciation: ‘te-s&-“rakt
Function: noun
Etymology: Greek tessares four + aktis ray — more at ACTIN-
: the four-dimensional analogue of a cube

Main Entry: an�a�log
Pronunciation: ‘a-n&l-“og, -“�g
Function: adjective
1 : of, relating to, or being an analogue
2 a : of, relating to, or being a mechanism in which data is represented by continuously variable physical quantities b : of or relating to an analog computer c : being a timepiece having hour and minute hands

Main Entry: 1an�a�logue
Variant(s): or an�a�log /’a-n&l-“og, -“�g/
Function: noun
Etymology: French analogue, from analogue analogous, from Greek analogos
1 : something that is analogous or similar to something else
2 : an organ similar in function to an organ of another animal or plant but different in structure and origin
3 usually analog : a chemical compound that is structurally similar to another but differs slightly in composition (as in the replacement of one atom by an atom of a different element or in the presence of a particular functional group)
4 : a food product made by combining a less expensive food (as soybeans or whitefish) with additives to give the appearance and taste of a more expensive food (as beef or crab)

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Pete Ippel, the son of a dancer and a musician, was born in Oak Park, Illinois and has been surrounded by the arts since birth. He moved to Morris, Illinois in 1989 and started to participate in athletics rather than dance. After high school, Pete attended Cornell University where he received a BA in psychology and a BFA in photo / digital art making. He continued to follow his sporting dreams in the high jump, which culminated in a school record leap of 7 feet 1/2 inch in 2001. In May 2004 he attained an MFA degree in the New Genres department of the San Francisco Art Institute. Presently Pete is a practicing artist whose work is in numerous private collections and has been exhibited in New York, California, and internationally. Mr. Ippel resides in Working Artists Ventura, a sustainable artist community in southern California. In addition, he teaches art, is a web developer, an active blogger, and still high jumps from time to time. As a passionate problem solver and a pragmatic optimist, Pete’s art and his life are full of exciting challenges.

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