Novato Bowls and the Headlands Center for the Arts

So Sunday we went to Novato, Casey and I did anyway and we hit the bowls for a while, and he was working on a bunch of grab airs out of the pipe…I wish I could do that stuff, but I’m so concerned about slamming my knee again, I’m even wimping on the rock -n- roll to fakie…

I did really pump the bowl fast, and tried to get some footie, but I was zoomed in with the wide angle (don’t ever do that) without knowing…anyway, after a little lunch at Mc Donalds, (and I accidently ordered a Mc Grillrather than a reagular Mc Chicken (for an extra 2 bucks)! I won’t make that mistake again. We stopped at the headlands on the way back and just chilled at the beach for a while, watched the surfers and stuck our feet in…very, very cold.

We checked out the center for the arts there as well, and the studios are gargantuan, and my goodness, they even had industrial toilets, and a kitchen where the resident artists get FREE FOOD!!!

So Casey is applying next year…

For Comet things are coming along, I’ve started doing the preliminary drawings of the Bomb Squad, and the new decks should be out soon, I’m looking forward to rocking on one of the new beefy park decks…Word on the street is 38 inches of twin tail/carbonfibery goodness…

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Pete Ippel, the son of a dancer and a musician, was born in Oak Park, Illinois and has been surrounded by the arts since birth. He moved to Morris, Illinois in 1989 and started to participate in athletics rather than dance. After high school, Pete attended Cornell University where he received a BA in psychology and a BFA in photo / digital art making. He continued to follow his sporting dreams in the high jump, which culminated in a school record leap of 7 feet 1/2 inch in 2001. In May 2004 he attained an MFA degree in the New Genres department of the San Francisco Art Institute. Presently Pete is a practicing artist whose work is in numerous private collections and has been exhibited in New York, California, and internationally. Mr. Ippel resides in Working Artists Ventura, a sustainable artist community in southern California. In addition, he teaches art, is a web developer, an active blogger, and still high jumps from time to time. As a passionate problem solver and a pragmatic optimist, Pete’s art and his life are full of exciting challenges.

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